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classes and workshops in beaufort, nc

updated wed 27 sep 06


Elizabeth Priddy on tue 26 sep 06

I am starting classes again. 6 adults, 10 children.
All in another city on Saturday. But my teaching
facility is finishing up and will be ready for
students by the end of October. The building goes in
next week and the other odds and ends will be in place
by Halloween.

It has 860 sq ft of teaching space organized into 3
studios (one wet, one dry, one painting), 2 electric
kilns, 2 raku kilns, 1 chimney kiln, 3 electric
wheels, 2 kick, all basic studio equipment...I am
starting a school for pottery here at the beach.

I decided on to bring the world to me since I can't go
to it. And with a school set-up like this and the
beach I am confident that students will come to see
presenters for workshops here (with plenty of stuff
for their families to do).

I am very excited. 2007 is shaping up to be a very
good year. The Natural Instincts Conference through
the Potters Council will be the grand kick off for the
facility and the program, but the smaller studio
workshops will begin in January.

Send me an email with snail/mail info off list if you
would like to be sent a brochure of workshops. I plan
to bring presenters from across the nation to come and
enjoy the beach and learn something while they do it.

If you are interested in presenting and using the
facilities, send me an email and we'll talk about what
you need and if we can do it here. The support
structure of the community here (restaurants, tourist
activity, hotels, the beach) is perfect for vacations
as well as learning trips. And I want to work the off
season especially, that is September through May. It
never snows here, btw, so winter here is fall

Let's talk if you want to present or if you want to
come visit.


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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