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drawing of potter in new yorker magazine

updated mon 25 sep 06


Ann Brink on sat 23 sep 06

The Sept. 18 issue has a drawing by Koren...I tried to find it on the =
Net, to give a URL to it, but couldn't. I'll try to describe it:

There is a little scrunched looking potter sitting on a stool in front =
of an array of huge pots, which are in front of his display =
building/studio, also full of pots on shelves. The sign on the building =
says "POTTERY" in big letters with "Artisanal" above it, in smaller =
letters. Also, next to the potter, there is a signboard propped against =
a pot, lettered "ARTISAN". That's it; no caption. You should see his =

I take the drawing to be a comment on "artspeak"....that such a =
down-to-earth occupation as potter, in order to stay current and =
"marketable" is renamed "artisan". Probably a metaphor for all kinds of =
"renaming". =20

Good firings,
Ann Brink in Lompoc CA

Cherry Knobloch on sun 24 sep 06

Go here:

In the search box, type pottery. A listing will come up with every
illustration the New Yorker has had that had anything to do with pottery.
The cartoon link is the first one.

Cherry Knobloch
Chesapeake. Va