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anyone driving to/from syracuse new york to/from san

updated sun 24 sep 06


Joyce Mullen on fri 22 sep 06

Antonio/Houston/Austin Texas in Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb?

I need to get some ceramic sculptures I've commissioned from a potter that
are difficult to ship, from Syracuse NY to San Antonio TX sometime in Nov or
Dec or Jan or Feb. If anyone will be driving to or near Syracuse from Texas
and back to Texas; or if anyone will be driving to Texas and back home to or
near Syracuse, and would be willing to pick up the ceramics and deliver them
to me, I would be so grateful, and I would be willing to pay a delivery
charge. Although it would be expensive to ship these items, that is not our
main concern; our main concern is that they could be damaged in the
shipment. The sculptures are life-size crow sculptures and there will be
two, maybe three of them. They will be boxed up. She is also making me
some small tiles and other items. If you have a truck or have room for
everything, great. But I can have these smaller items shipped, no problem.
The sculptures are the most important things. Candace Rhea is the potter
in Syracuse who is making the sculptures, and The Blue Parrot gallery in
Floresville TX is the ultimate destination. I would meet you to pick up the
items in Texas, at a destination we would decide. I am in San Antonio, but
I would drive to Austin (a 1.5 hr drive) or Houston (a 3.5 hour drive) or
anywhere in between to pick them up.

ALTERNATIVELY, potter friends of Candace may be going to the Philadelphia
Buyers Market Winter Show Feb 16-19, 2007. So if anyone is driving to that
show from Texas, you could pick up the sculptures there.

I'm sure some of you out there are shaking your heads and laughing right
now, but I told Candace, where there's a will, there's a way, and I'm
determined to find a way. Thanks all!