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ferguson handle tools: asim, fred, jan, veena, logan, janine and others

updated thu 21 sep 06


Tony Ferguson on wed 20 sep 06

Ferguson Handle tools: Asim, Fred, Jan, Veena, Logan, Janine and others


Sorry, been really busy so Ok, a number of you have emailed me about the handle tools: Asim Mahmood, Fred Parker, Jan Gaynor, Veena Raghavan, Logan Johnson, Janine Roubik. I think that is all of you. Those 6 folks will get to try out the ferguson handle tool for free if they like. The next 5 people who email me will also get to try the handle tool for free as well. Clayart is a wonderful place for feedback so why not start here. Please send me your address with "ferguson tool" in the heading and I will send you one of the following: the diamond, the oval, the square, the foxhead, or the bat or maybe something else depending on your intended use. Please specify if it you want it for a cup or teapot and whether you make small, medium, or large sizes of that form.

I am planning on being at NCECA this year with the tool line if all goes as planned. For those of you who have already contacted me, please send me your mailing address.

Be well

Tony Ferguson

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