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clay times survivor j. schmuki

updated mon 18 sep 06


Chuck Wagoner on sun 17 sep 06

It was inspiring to read the ""Survival of an Artist" article in Clay
The picture of Jeff Schmuki in front of his tent and destroyed property
followed by the pictures of his sculpture gave me renewed hope in the
human sprit.

As a graduate of the Indiana State Masters program with Richard "Dick"
Hay, who has just retired this summer after 40 years of heading up the
ceramics department, I am excited to have heard that Jeff Schmuki (pg.
44 Sept/Oct Clay Times) has been hired to continue the strong tradition
of clay art at I.S.U.

Congratulations and best of luck at Indiana State to Jeff and thank you
to Dick Hay from your hundreds of students, many of whom have gone on to
continue teaching and making clayart.

C.T. "Chuck" Wagoner "Bald Headed Potters of America"
One of the two practicing Billie Creek Village Potters since 1981

North of Terre Haute(ISU)and west of Indianapolis.

"Covered Bridge Capitol of the Universe....except for France,
Pennsylvania and a couple of other places. Actually a story of
inspiration on a much smaller scale, an arsonist burned down the
treasured Bridgeton "Double Span" covered bridge in Parke county IN and
our county has come together to rebuild it. It will be done by this
years Covered Bridge Festival.