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kids pottery videos

updated sat 16 sep 06


Ed Huml on fri 15 sep 06

I want to have school trips to the studio but can't quite fit upwards of 30
NYC kids in the studio space. So I need to split up the group, half working
with clay and half maybe watching a video in another room. Any ideas for kids
ranging from first grade up to fifth?

Ed Huml
BRUCA Program Director
Brooklyn, NY

Melissa Michael on fri 15 sep 06

I like "The Art of Ceramics with Robert Maxwell".  It shows basic throwing skills, but he makes these weird little creatures out of the pieces he throws.

**Also, always a hit with my high schoolers...  "Dale Chihuly over Venice".  I realize its a glass blowing video, but it absolutely captivates them everytime.  And in so many ways, glass is similar to ceramic...  When they form their shapes they center, open, and shape the glass - just like clay.  Younger children would be equally into his work as well - garaunteed.

Melissa Michael