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teapot handles - t.or s. clennell

updated thu 14 sep 06


Janine Roubik on wed 13 sep 06

Tony or Sheila (or, of course, anyone else w/experience with this)
I hope you're on here - I thought I'd seen your names!
I read your March/April 2004 article in PMI about the handmade teapot
handles. This is something I'd like to try - except I can't find any
craft or hobby stores around here (Milwaukee, WI) that carry basket making
supplies. I was going to try to order some online, but then after looking
at a few site I realized I'm in way over my head and am not sure what size
of the reed or cane to get because I can't take a pot with me to see what
would look the best.
Any tips?
Thanks everyone!
Janine Roubik

P.S. for Tom Buck or John Britt - after all that talking about the
replacing of the black iron oxide (in the Tom Buck Celadon)I realized the
studio I'm firing at didn't have any Grolleg. So since I had to go to
the "clay place" anyway, I just got the black iron oxide! It looks
beautiful! Thanks for all the help!