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response to laurence re: warping plates

updated fri 15 sep 06


Laurence Lavagne on wed 13 sep 06

Merci Leslie! I am going to try, it makes sense. My plates are quite thin
and I am sure this will help! I'll let you know.Thank's.

O. Leslie Greeman on wed 13 sep 06

I have done little slab work and worked with earthenware rarely. However, ipicked up a tip from Paul Soldner at a workshop he put on some years ago in Cincinnati, OH.

He advised plate makers to wrap the rims of their pieces with plastic;allowing the centers to dry first. His rationale is that the form will dry from the edges to the center. That is from thiner to thicker material. As this occurs the outer rim of the plate shrinks faster than the center causing the form to war and or crack.

Since hearing this I have routinely dried plates in this fassion.

It Works! I do not make a great many sets of dishes becaust they are difficult to sell.
However, my losses to pre and post fireing malformations have been dramatically reduced.

Hope this helps
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