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clay aprons, for schools

updated thu 14 sep 06


linda rosen on wed 13 sep 06

Claire ,

This works well in our classroom (we have close to 200 ceramic =
students). We
use heavy duty cloth backed vinyl aprons. Before they go back on the =
students sponge them clean as part of their end of class routine (never =
a washing machine). We have been able to get away with having just one =
per wheel, not providing cover-ups for hand building. They easily last =
the year. After a couple years the straps crack and strings knot, but =
aprons are still functional with a bit of duct tape. Really nice ones ( =
with split legs) could be made up ( on my someday list), but we go with =
our clay supplier stocks which is an awful bright yellow. I've seen them =
Art supply stores too.=20

Linda Rosen, Toronto

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Subject: Clay aprons

I have a question about where to find good clay aprons. I teach in a =
school where we need good aprons to protect kids' pants legs from slurry
that slips out of the splash pan while they're throwing. I would like =
find good quality aprons which can stand up to a couple of years of hard
work and frequent washings. It would be excellent if the aprons had
adjustable neck straps, but all ties (neck straps, waist ties, leg ties)
have to be substantial, or else they will catch on the washing machine
center and rip off. Does anybody have a recommendation?

Claire Reishman, St. Andrew's-Sewanee School, Sewanee, TN

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Susan Fox Hirschmann on wed 13 sep 06

Over the years I have collected about 20 aprons from restaurants, kitchen
shops, etc. I have tried to buy more at Michaels Crafts but they fall apart in
the washer.
So I know that decent aprons that last and last in repeated washings are hard
to come by. When I see nice ones, with pockets (since I also teach adults),
I buy them, cause they are worth the price in longevity. When they leave I
have them retie the strings into bows before putting them in a delicate cycle in
the washer for less of a mess in trying to untangle them.
Whole foods used to sell some really nice ones, but they are sortta
pricey....tho I have found some at Plaza Art Supplies, not sure if you have that around
where you are. You could google
Jerry's Artarama....they have reasonably priced art supplies and ship
Best of luck!

Annandale, VA