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chinese clay art newsletter sept. 2006

updated wed 13 sep 06


Guangzhen Zhou on tue 12 sep 06

September 2006, Vol. 52.
" Chinese Clayart" is a newsletter emailed monthly to professional ceramic
artists who want to know about ceramic art in China and things related. This
newsletter will be a bridge between China and Western countries for the
ceramic arts. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
(Copyright 2000, The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA. All rights reserved)

The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA.
P.O.Box 64392, Sunnyvale, CA 94088, USA
Tel. 408-777-8319, Fax. 408-777-8321, Email:
Chief Editor, Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
English Editor, Deborah Bouchette
IAC General Assembly at the Baltic States
The general assembly was held in Riga, the capital of Latvia on August
14-18, 2006, and there was a post assembly tour to Lithuania on August
19-20, and Estonia on August 21-22.
There were over 200 hundred participants from over 30 countries or regions.
A delegation of 29 Chinese artists, educators, and officers from the China
National Ceramics Industry Association participated the event.
It was a great ceramic art event in the beautiful and peaceful countries of
the Baltic States.

IAC General Assembly in Xi'an China
Theme: Harmony and Advancement
Date: Early September of 2008
Organizing Committee: China Ceramics Industry Association
Address: Room 130, No. 6, East Chang'an Ave. Beijing 100740, P. R. China
Tel. 86-10-6512-4684, 6559-0183, Fax. 86-10-6512-4672
Email: Website:
Detailed information will be ready soon.
IAC (International Academy of Ceramics)
Georgette Strobino, administrator
Musée Ariana, 10 avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel. ++41 22 418 5476, Fax ++41 22 418 5451

The International Academy of Ceramics is the main organization representing
the interests of ceramists worldwide. Its membership consists primarily of
individual makers, supported by writers and critics, museum and gallery
curators, and private collectors. Correspondent membership is available to
professional associations, ceramics work centers and educational
institutions, which considerably extends the networking capacity of the
Academy. Current membership consists of nearly 400 makers, a further 75
individual members, and about 25 correspondent groups, representing a total
of 55 nations from all continents.

The aims of the Academy are to present international contemporary ceramics
at the highest level, to encourage cultural cooperation through ceramics
around the world, and to facilitate communication between ceramists and
museum curators, private galleries and collectors, art schools and other
professional Institutions. Through biennial General Assemblies in
significant international venues, through the regular publication of its
Bulletin, and through exhibitions of its maker members, opportunities are
provided for the demonstration and debate of contemporary ceramic issues. In
addition to networks that are constructed between members and correspondent
associations, consultative affiliation to UNESCO provides links to a wider
cultural arena. Periodically members are nominated to advise on ceramic
matters, to serve on relevant committees, or to act as jurors or curators
for international exhibitions or competitions.

The Secretariat is comfortably housed in the Ariana Museum in Geneva by long
term arrangement with the City Council and the Directorate of the Museum.

New individual members and correspondent groups are elected by the Council
acting as the selection committee every two years.

General Assemblies held every two years are open to members and non-members.
Registration includes access to all lectures, presentations and receptions,
visits to museums and galleries, and tours to studios and other sites of
particular interest.
NCECA 2007

Guangzhen "Po" Zhou will be on a panel discussion at NCECA conference 2007.
See you in Louisville, Kentucky.
"Ceramic Education Using Electronic Resources" with Mel Jacobson/Moderator.
Panel: Vince Pitelka, Elizabeth 'Snail' Scott and Guangzhen "Po" Zhou.
Friday, March 16, 2007, 8:30am, Cascade Ballroom C.
Ceramic Tours of China:

Due to requests from our participants, we are going to lead tours twice a
year; one starting in late May and other one starting in mid-October.
These are the differences between the two China tours:

"Adventurous Tour of Ceramic China" late May
Weather: Warm and hot
Fees: Economy
Hotels: 3-star or similar
Transportation: Trains and buses
Group: Youth and students
Focus: Ceramic education and academic
Overall: Adventure!

"Enjoyable Tour of Ceramic China" mid-October
Weather: Nice and comfortable
Fees: Reasonable
Hotels: 4-star
Transportation: Airplanes (fewer train and buses)
Group: Adults, friends, and relatives
Focus: Ceramic art and tourism
Overall: Enjoyable and relaxed

We would like to talk to school professors who might help arrange school
credits for the students. For details, please contact us at
FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums (FLICAM)

Fuping Pottery Village, Fuping, Shanxi Province, China
FLICAM invites artists from one country or one area to Fuping to create
ceramic work. FLICAM will build a museum for them to exhibit their work.
It’s an exchange--a dynamic process and to create a living museum, not
like other museums, who collect and exhibit--a static process.
About eight museum buildings have been planed and will be built in total.
The museum’s architectures reflect the local landscape such as loess
caves, tomb and brick structures. The names of the museums and buildings
Main Exhibition Halls, 2004
Hsu Museum House, 2004
French Museum, opened July 31, 2005
Scandinavian Museum, opened Nov. 13, 2005
North American Museum will be completed in time to hold the grand opening
July 4th, 2007
Australasian Museum, 2006
Eastern and Western European Museums, 2006-2007.

Highlights of the Exchange Program
Artists from one country or one region will be selected and invited to
FLICAM, Fuping to participate a four week workshop.
FLICAM will build a museum for this country or region to collect and
exhibit the art work.
Artists will contribute their work to FLICAM and become charter members of
the museum.
FLICAM will provide all lodging and food for this four week period.
FLICAM will provide all materials, equipment, and necessary labor
assistance for their ceramic works.
FLICAM emphasizes artists'local cultural and environmental feelings and
hopes they will integrate it into their creative mind for their works.
Opening ceremony will follow the workshop and a catalog will be published
Museum member-artists are welcome back to work again in Fuping and a
residency program is available.
Journals from Carolyn Broadwell and Ric Swenson

A job opening was announced through our e-news earlier this year, and both
Carolyn Broadwell and Ric Swenson received jobs teaching English at the
Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute, China. Once in China, they wrote things about
what they see in China.

We have included the journals from both of them in our newsletter to share
with you. Click to see the journals of Carolyn Broadwell and Ric Swenson and
you can visit the website for a glimpse of Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute:

--- Note from the editor, Guangzhen Zhou.
New Arrivals
Wooden presentational boxes are gorgeous for protecting your valuable art
works. Boxes are three pieces nesting together as a set. The smaller set is
$25 and the larger set is $60. Also, there are many new clay tools and
brushes. Please see details at

New Book:
BK 020, International Ceramic Art Exhibition, Yixing, China, 2005, $24.00
This is a catalog of the International Ceramic Art Exhibition with
full-color illustrations, 128 pages. The exhibition was in conjunction with
the Yixing International Ceramic Art Conference, 2005. The items on exhibit
were received from the members of the IAC (International Academy of
Ceramics), NCECA, the Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA, and included many
Chinese artists.
Western countries'artists represented in the book:
Arabella Ark, Smith Austiria, Posey Bacopoulos, Susan Beiner, Kathryn
Stovall Dennis, Judith L. Birtman, Barbara Brown, Jeff Brown, Marina
Caballero, Sevim Cizer(Turkey), Cecilia Cunningham, Bonita Cohn, Jim
Connvell, Malcolm Davis, Debbie Curwen, Bob Dixon, Harris Deller, Scott
Dolley, Jeremiah Donovan, Scott Dooley, Deborah Kaplan Evans, Ryan J.
Forrey, Scott Frisz, David Furman, Holly Hanessian, Rhavvey, Norma Rodney
Harrack, Elaine Henry, Ann Calluori Holcombe, Barbara Hoffman, Tony Huntley,
Sergei Isupov(Estonia), Lauren Kearns, Mattow Kelleher, Euzabetu Kendall,
Sandy & Bob Kinzie, James Lawton, Tammy Maxinozzi, Dawn Mcnamara, Ann
Mortime, Dwain Naragon, Bob Nichols, John Neely, Richard Notkin, Fredrick
Paget, Shane Porter, Annette Reed, Vicki Snyder, Steven Roberts, Todd
Shanafelf, Jason Walker, Cheryl Weiss, Guangzhen Zhou.