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updated tue 12 sep 06


Weiland, Jeff on mon 11 sep 06

Hey pack-rat types,

We in Indiana have just finished adopting new textbooks and I have 24
copies of "Claywork" by Nigrosh, some first edition and some second
edition. The school sells them to a book reseller and the funds
disappear into a black hole. Like a cute puppy, I would like them to go
to a good home and not the dumpster. If anybody knows of a school that
could use them or some other worthwhile cause, please let me know. I
cannot resell them myself but can give them away. I suppose I could
throw them in them in a box and bring them to NCECA. Let me know if you
have any use for them.


Jeff Weiland

Greenfield-Central High School

810 North Broadway

Greenfield, Indiana 46140