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supporting local business

updated mon 11 sep 06


Cindy Gatto on sun 10 sep 06

Hi all,
I had wanted to post something about this when the thread was active but I
didn't so I would like to say it now. I guess this is directed more to the
people in the NYC area. We sell tools, chemicals, etc. We carry Dolan and Kemper
tools all chemicals a lot of accessories- esp. for moldmaking No we are not
set up for people who want palettes of chemicals but for the person who wants
50-100 lbs or less we are here. Business has been a little slow it has been a
rough summer we could use some support Thank you

Cindy Gatto & Mark Petrin
The Mudpit
228 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
_www.mudpitnyc.com_ (