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shameless self promotion...sort of....

updated fri 8 sep 06


L. P. Skeen on thu 7 sep 06

(original send date 9/4) although I get absolutely ZERO profit from =
this promo. I'm just excited is all....

At some point last year, (so long ago now I can't remember when it was,) =
an Australian woman named Irene Poulton, whom I'd never heard of, =
contacted me via email and asked me to submit an image and text of my =
horsehair work, to be included in her book entitled _Fired Up With =
Raku_. She had found my work on my website. She'd never heard of me =
either, nor had she ever heard of Clayart. Anyway, I figured, what the =
hell, and sent her what she asked for, which was images and text about =
how to do the horsehair technique (and yes I DID credit the person who =
taught me how to do it RIGHT, without a boatload of failure...which =
would be CHarlie Riggs.)

There are at least two other Clayarters included in the book that I know =
about, those being Wally Asselbergh from Belgium (I think) and Steve =
Branfman from Needham, MA. Steve has written a couple of his own books; =
I don't know if Wally has, but this is the first time my work has been =
published anywhere other than my own website (yes, she even beat me =
getting my work in my own calendar!) =20

So anyway, the book has been printed now, and Steve will be carrying it =
at The Potter's Shop (, = I don't have my copies yet, but I =
have seen the proofs of the sections where my work and Steve's and =
Wally's work appear, and it looks pretty good! :) I am looking forward =
to seeing the book in person. There may also be other CLayart folks =
included in the book; I just don't know all the names. Anyway, it's =
almost time for Steve's annual winter sale, so start saving your =

L. P. Skeen, Summerfield NC
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