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pre-show jitters and questions

updated fri 1 sep 06


Carole Fox on thu 31 aug 06

I've been obsessing over my upcoming first ever solo gallery show. The
gallery is in a college town, not a big city. ( check and look in top right
corner for photo of gallery space.) I am wondering if the following is
appropriate for this type of gallery showing. The show is a collection of
the many techniques I have played with in clay. I am thinking to have a
brochure that contains a little blurb about each piece or grouping. Is that

Also, (and this is pretty goofy, but...) I recently found the first thing I
ever made from clay. I made it when I was a Brownie Girl Scout (I guess I
was about six) and I still remember how excited I was to dig the clay from
the riverbank and clean it and make something from it! I confess it is a
turtle shaped toothpick holder with a holder area so shallow that it is
basically useless! I assure you it is no work of art, but I thought it would
be interesting as an addition to the show and perhaps worthy of a smile. Too

and... how much wine to buy?

Thanks so much and wish me luck as I am off now to open my kiln!
Carole Fox
Silver Fox Pottery
Elkton, MD