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latest discovery - paperclay

updated thu 31 aug 06


Meryl Ruth on wed 30 aug 06

Hi All,=20
This listserv continues to be an invaluable benefit to me. I keep =
learning and growing as a ceramic artist because of the information I =
attain from reading the many posts here.=20

The latest discovery has been paperclay. After reading various comments =
and discussions about paperclay I ventured to try the medium. What a =
find! I am loving it! So much one can do with it! Wouldn't even know =
about it if it weren't for this listserv.=20

This is just one of many "finds" I have discovered. Others have been =
China painting, carving of clay in the leatherhard to greenware state, =
image transfer information and more.=20

I have also decided to add a price list to my website which I had never =
done before. I made this decision based on information and discussions =
about pricing work on one's website which I found here on the listserv.=20

I have laughed a lot reading the teenage thread that has been going on. =
My daughter and I are now best friends but when she was a teenager - =
yikes, don't get me started.=20

My latest teapot, on my homepage, created using paperclay and stoneware =
clay, is in honor of my daughter's tiny Chihuahua, my grand-dog. The =
piece is called Tea Wow Wow.=20

Meryl Ruth, Porcelain Grace,