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could anyone please help with max wheel address/contact info or

updated mon 28 aug 06


John Thomas McDole on sun 27 aug 06

Hi Margaret,

I had a very similar problem with a Brent CXC I had just purchased for my wife. At low speeds, the motor made a horrible grinding sound and was jerky at best. I took the whole thing apart (including the motor) to find that the control and pedal where fine, but one of the magnets on the motor had seperated.

Now, for me, I was able to fix it by re-epoxying the magnet back in place and replacing the brushes and bearings (the last two were done because the wheel hadn't been used in 10 years, and the brushes were stuck/damaged and the bearings where making some noise).

Complications from magnet seperation could be costly; if the magnet is damaged, it has to be replaced, or if fragments nick the armature wiringing, it could cause a short. Either case, repair doesn't seem like a bad option depending on the motor. The 1HP motor that I had cost around 450$ from the original manufacture, but I believe Brent sold newer ones (different manufacture) for 350$. If it only cost 150$ to get the magnet re-epoxyed and armature rewrapped, then I would choose that as you basically have a new motor after all the work is done. In my case, it only cost me 20$ for brushes, 15$ for bearings, and a small amount of expoyed and time.

John Thomas McDole
Atlanta Ga

> From: "S.Carolina Potter-Margaret"
> Date: 2006/08/27 Sun AM 01:14:21 EDT
> Subject: could anyone please help with Max Wheel address/contact info or
> help w/problem?
> I was going to sell a wheel, to a friend for class use, I'd had awhile but
> not used much at all , and when I delivered it I was testing it out and it
> went beautifully, as in the past, then , near the end of a pot making, it
> started to make a grinding noise .Then, when I got up with it stopped, it was
> dead on return, a minute later.It now makes no sound or motion and is quite
> dead and I do not know what the problem could be .Upon opening the foot
> peda,l it looks fine.
> Anyone have one or know what to do or where to find someone who works on
> them? or how to get help? My friend says he still could use the wheel if we can
> solve the problem as he has classes and needs another wheel [and hopes not
> to have to spend the profit on new wheels] as two of his needed wheels went
> out, as well, and he had a full class booking.
> I help out at his place when he needs someone. I am finally getting back
> into clay ,3 years after my fire,but not in my own studio, yet. I am taking
> classes [ for fees on an over 60 program at the university[, even though I
> have a BFA plus many years of workshops and a career in art and clay,lol. It
> is taking some getting used to, but it is exciting, just the same.My
> ''avocation-woodworker/non-artist'' hubby took his first art class this week as
> well much to my amazement!!! We are going to Arrowmont together this fall for
> separate classes so that should be fun and nice to look forward to
> I am also wondering if anyone has any ceramic magazines they no longer
> need to spare as they would be nice, even if ''studio used'' and I will pay
> shipping and a modest price for them for the studio use as mine were lost 3
> years ago in a studio fire at my place and I was too ''down in the dumps'' to
> subscribe and even read them anyhow if I had, until now .Maybe you know
> someone who is closing shop or moving?Thanks for any help.I was amazed I still
> could throw as the hands have arthritis and Dupuytrens Contracture [which,
> surprisingly, has not progressed much since first diagnosed].Of course the woek
> is less than inspired so far and tall items are still to be achieved as yet,
> but something is still there.If this works out I will maybe make a comeback
> or die trying,lol.
> Margaret in SC
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Randy McCall on sun 27 aug 06

help w/problem?

Margaret any electrician should be able to test the motor and controls to
see if there is a lose wire or if something is fried.

I have a number of Ceramic Monthlys, Clay Times, and Potters Illustrated you
are welcome to have. I live between Bennettsville and Dillon.

South Carolina
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