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cleaning out the library

updated fri 1 sep 06


Kris Bliss on sun 27 aug 06

i need more room in the studio
i'm moving the office and library wall
into the house...
i'll make more room up front to expand
the gallery area.. that's a good thing
speciallty since i drop'd all my winter
craft sales.. this may be a financial mistake
but, i'm tired of schepping forth and tooey.
i want to be a good girl and not sell on the

any way,

i have old books for sale,
ifn ya want a list, e-mail off list.

doncha english hate this?

toodaloo caribou

in wet wet alaska, where fish swim in
your front yard.

Annie D on thu 31 aug 06

Hi Kris,

I would email you off the list about those books but i couldn't figure out how to find your email addy....

So, about those books, i'd be interested to know what you have... "Pottery for dummies" if that exists, or books for basics, need to learn about glazes and firings, you name it beginner books would be good :)...

could you email me please at



In Saint-Sauveur where the mozzies are still out voraciously and the leaves are turning colours and the veggies are about to freeze out in the gardens....