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second try - need help with coneart kiln equipment info

updated fri 18 aug 06


Karen Latorre on thu 17 aug 06

Second attempt as last night's mail didn't seem to go through.

I am currently replacing the elements on my kiln and can't loosen any of the
12 element connectors. I'm prepared to cut the wire close to the connector,
and replace both connectors and elements, but now I need to purchase new
connectors. I won't be in Toronto for another week and a half, and given
that fall sales and studio tours are coming on fast, I'd like to have this
kiln back up and running before then.

Does anyone know if the connectors are made of any special material, or are
they plain old steel that I can purchase at any well equipped hardware

I have a picture of one of them if anyone can help out.

Also, I haven't received a clayart digest since Aug 9. I've left and
rejoined the list a couple of days ago, so hopefully that will kick start
things again. In the meantime, I may take some time to reply, unless you
send an email to me directly.

Appreciate any info the group can provide.
Thanks in advance,

north of Belleville, Ontario
pottertoo (at) hotmail (dot) com

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