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updated sat 19 aug 06


Elizabeth Priddy on fri 18 aug 06


This is directed at you, but may be meaningful for a
lot of us trying to make it work, as Tim Gunn might

Since you have described your dad's circumstances in
another email, I am just going to go directly there.

Why not have the rents handle the tuition for you?

You have lived a sufficiently self-sufficient life to
please any parent with a jones for having their kids
make it on their own.

I think it would be a simple gift to their grandkids
to just let you go to school instead of hustling to
make the extra tuition bucks the hard way.

We're talking about $4800 over two years at roughly
200 a month if you spread it out. And the difference
is the actual time, which you don't have enough of.
See later break-down to avoid a break-down.

My MIL lives 5 hours away and has recently begun
buying my silver packages at the local drop in daycare
because she is just too far away to sit for me. I
taught her to raku and had her help me with it leading
up to my home show and she really gets it now that I
am not doing "ceramics" and "china painting" and that
I make pots with chinese brush work. And that it is
sweaty mentally consuming work that I can't do with
the baby underfoot. She also saw that he is at a
stage where being away from me or Jeff right now is
not good for more than a few hours and sending him off
for a week or two is just not an option for us. (Also,
doesn't help me in the day to day work needs).

Feel free to email this to your grandparents all round
and ask if any of them are up for it, or at least what
do they think. It is a reasonable thing to make the
primary caregiver, which you are since your hub works
"off-site", able to get on with it without spending
another 20 hours a week trying to scrounge and work to
make cash.

Not trying to get in your business, really. Just a
thought on another option for you instead of full time
mother, full time student, AND part-time potter, cause
all that adds up to about 120 hours a week and
something has to give.

And a man with a fleet of Lincolns can afford tuition.
And possibly ought to for his grandkids.


Logan called ME, not the dog, Mama, this weekend. And
then did it again and again and again....

Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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