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paper clay as kiln patch

updated sat 19 aug 06


Joseph Herbert on wed 16 aug 06

Barbara Lewis wrote about applying paper clay to a kiln roof.

While attending a wood firing in Pennsylvania, I noted that the kiln was
sealed in the following manner: A layer of hard bricks was stacked in the
door opening, as tightly as used bricks can be, and then news paper with
applied clay/water slurry was plastered over the entire end of the kiln. A
couple holes were cut to be able to remove the peep hole bricks and that was
it. My expectation was that the whole thing would incinerate and flake off
early in the firing. Not so. It remained in very much the same condition
throughout the firing to Cone 10. Its function was to seal the door to
limit the amount of air infiltration during the firing and it seemed to
perform that very well.

An unexpectedly durable material.

Joseph Herbert

Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 18 aug 06

Dear Joseph Herbert,=20

This material has been used by some people to construct makeshift kilns. =
A few iron posts for support and chicken mesh to reinforce the sheets of =
paper built up to about half inch thickness and you have a cavity in =
which low fire pottery can be processed. Look for "Tepee Kilns"

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.