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updated thu 17 aug 06


Bruce Davis on wed 16 aug 06

I have attended a number of Randy Broadnax seminars and workshops, several
of which were a week long. During one of them, he made us practice pulling
handles while they are attached to the pots as many of Clay-Arters do. Before
that, I had always pulled them off the pot and then attached them. In
practicing pulling them, he had us make them by attaching a carrot-shaped piece a
clay to a beer can--empty or full--and pulling the handle as if it were on a
real pot. If you do this over and over often enough, you can make handles
that naturally arch off of the pot and look like they are a natural extension of
the pot itself. The weight of the pulled clay will dictate where the free
end of the handle should be attached. Sorry I don't have any pictured on my
By the way, I currently am the featured "Artist of the Month" at our
local Art House Co-op and have had great sales so far. If you look at my Blog,
there is a big blue fish which is made in seven sections and has a wooden
framework. During this show, I have sold five variations of these fish in
various colors as well as other major works and pots. They are not cheap!!!
Things are looking up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Best regards,

Bruce Davis, Mud Run Pottery
Gulfport MS
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