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designs for pots: natural instincts conference

updated wed 23 aug 06


Elizabeth Priddy on sun 20 aug 06

Regarding Lili's remarks about your environment as a
source of inspiration:

This is in large part what what the Natural Instincts
Regional conference will be about. We will use our
wet and dry locale to offer inspiration and
environmental stimuli that will be incorporated into
the hands-on sessions, like stamp making, casting with
plaster, print/image transfer, and such.

Or "how to use shells without making shell art".

We also will use the 4 million dollar renovated
aquarium as a resource, which is located on a salt
marsh, as is the site location for the workshops.

We will be water based, but the ideas and techniques
learned about incorporating your personal environment
in your work will be explored both directly,
concretely, and very abstractly, depending on the
presenter. And with plenty of activity that is not
out in the sun, as I am sensitive to that factor.

We will also have a lecture by Janet Francoeur who
runs one of the best galleries in the country, who
will help you figure out how to approach and work with
high end galleries (she sells $25-$750 pots on a
regular basis, so I highly recommend listening to what
she says with both ears, as she both makes and sells
pots at that level).

The other presenters are very exciting. I will be
presenting on brush painting and the use of reward
velvets as well as a brief session for anyone
interested in how to make removeable cane and vine
handles. But I am hosting the event, so my sessions
will be brief, as the administrative end of it is time
consuming to say the least.

This is the launch event of workshops here in
Beaufort, out in the wilds of the NC coast, scheduled
not during hurricane or heat season, and in an
environment that is truly beautiful and still natural.
I have decided that since I cannot travel a lot with
a toddler in tow, I am going to bring the stuff I am
interested in here. And at teh same time, give
potters a chance to continue their education while
their family's/spouses's fish swim and recreate. So
bring yourn with you and rest assured that I know
plenty of stuff for them to do and also know where to
find a $40 a night clean motel on the intercoastal
waterway (which is a remarkable feat for those not
familiar with the area).

I also may unveil my Q-iln, a hybrid gas/raku/wood
road-worthy portable kiln of my own design. But that
is an aside for Saturday night firing after the main
Conference is over.

And did I mention there will be BBQ and crabs and
shrimp and fried chicken and vegetarian surprise and
all kinds of good things to draw and eat? Cause the
process of eating a lot is an opportunity to deal with
serving vessels up close and personal, as I don't do
plastic any more than I have to and neither does Duke
Marine Lab, which is the potential site location on
the water for our lectures (4 miles from the studio
site) and a few of our meals.

aaaahhh, planning 11 months ahead....sure does make
for pleasant daydreams, yet it will be here before we
know it, which is why I am getting it all in writing.

I don't know how Doug Grey did it in Florence for the
Southern Fried, as he has two of the most wonderful
children I have ever met and one of them is barely 2,
so admire him from afar, as he is a great and powerful


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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Jeanie Silver on sun 20 aug 06

Elizabeth, please post the dates and prices for your natural instincts
conference so I can begin salivating.
Jeanie in Pa.

Elizabeth Priddy on mon 21 aug 06

OK, as host of the conference, my job is to try and
meet your request and make you drool.

I am in the proccess of confirming everythnig with the
Potters Coucil, so I can't go full bore promoting it


June 23-6 in Beaufort, NC (Fred)

The regional conferences usually run about $235 -$265
depending on when you register.

Logisticly, which is relevant due to the nature of
this particular conference:

I can direct you to a place to stay that varies from
$40 a night clean motel to $150 a night swank B&B.

Or you can drive 7 miles each day (!) and stay
directly on Atlantic Beach. Or about 30 minutes away
on the Outer Banks for camping w or w/o your family.

Jacksonville and Cherry Point are local military bases
for those with connections.

Here is a website about the area


me: brush painting, composition, and life drawing

Dan Finch: handbuilding and vernacular sculpture

Marie Gibbons: constructing an environmental narrative

Janet Francoeur: high end gallery seminar
(her shop is one of the top 25 Niche magazine
national galleries this year, and this gallery
is a 45 minute field trip away)

I have others already online for me but I have to talk
to them first about what I want them to present on.

Just because you are known for one particular thing,
doesn't mean that I am having you just come do your
usual thing. The conference's theme is about why and
how you do that particular thing, not necessarily the
thing itself.

Or rather, it is about the meta-issues, the looking
around and seeing what you have to work with, which
around here is birds, nature, water...

But Dan is/was most famous for tobacco barn pots and
that is what I am having him demonstrate, because that
is his natural environment, and mine originally.

Going out and getting material to work with is the
point, and you can bring it with you from home if you
are one of those plan ahead organized types.
Otherwise, we got plenty to choose from and one of the
issues raised is that wherever you go, you take your
aesthetic with you and so what you choose out of this
vast environmental immersion, will still be spot on

And whatever subject matter you choose, you will be
able to get it on or into your pots because we will
learn all kinds of means of communicating about the
things you find fascinating, or your natural

This subject makes me drool. And it is the thing
about my work that people respnd to most.

This workshop could change your work for life!
(as mel might say ! )


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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Jeanie Silver on tue 22 aug 06

Thanks for the update. I'm really going to try to make it....
Jeanie in Pa.