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cone 6 commercial classroom clay?/oops

updated mon 21 aug 06


Stephani Stephenson on sat 19 aug 06

not sure which supplier you use, or your location, but have you
considered using
raku clay bodies?
they often will have more grog, and handle well for beginners
especially handbuilding
also very forgiving with regard to shrinkage,cracking,drying ,firing
etc, etc....
you don't have to raku fire with them
you can fire them in your regular kiln
use stains, glazes etc.
there are differences in the raku bodies as well, with regard to grog
size and content
but most are white/cream/buff color bodies.
usually they have a wide firing range, check with your supplier
to see if some of them can handle cone 5-6
I bet they can

Stephani Stephenson

Elizabeth Priddy on sun 20 aug 06

I regularly fire raku clay to cone 7 electric with no
problem whatsoever.

I also raku with it.

I don't need another type of clay. But then I am not
making food vessels anymore either, although my c7
vases are vitrified and do not leak and I have been
using them in my kitchen for everything for 10 years
now with no weird color changes or tastes.

I would just buy a good raku clay and run with it.

Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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