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cone 5 glazes

updated tue 29 aug 06


Lili Krakowski on sun 20 aug 06

All the Hobart Cowles glazes in this book, as well as some others, are c.5
glazes. The HC glazes easily can be adjusted to c.6, with the usual
addition of a bit more clay. Straight line blends are the recommended
method of finding the right point.

Glazes: Materials, Recipes and Techniques
A Ceramics Monthly Handbook, A Collection of Articles from Ceramics Monthly
Anderson Turner, editor

Here I do have a mild interest, not commercial, not familial, but I did edit
the Cowles glazes for publication. They originally ran in several 1984

Tom Witman on mon 28 aug 06

Spectrum makes their 1100 series glazes available in powder form as well
as liquid. They are rated for Cone 4 to 6. That should solve your