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kiln value

updated mon 14 aug 06


Karen Hamilton on sat 12 aug 06

Someone gave me an old kiln. It's the shape of a chest freezer with
dimensions of 42"H x 36"W x 30"D with a hinged lid on top. It has a
kiln sitter mechanism. I lack the necessary electricity to use it and,
regrettfully, have decided to sell it. Does anyone have any idea what
it's worth? There is a small amount of rust on the metal exterior and
some minor damage to a few of the interior firebricks. Any guidance
would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.


Rogier Donker on sun 13 aug 06

Hey Karen,
Sounds like that might be an Amaco or some other brand of
institutional kiln.
Look on the metal name plate, give all the info you see there and
THEN I can tell you what it might be worth. Does it have a pyrometer
besides a kiln sitter? A thermocouple? Is the KS Tube assembly in
good shape?
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