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more shipping and packing

updated sat 12 aug 06


primalmommy on thu 10 aug 06

Elizabeth, thanks for the suggestions...

I went last night to the site David mentioned, and picked out $60 worth
of nice cartons --put them in my shopping cart.

Then I went to check out. Shipping total? $61.00 for a $60 order. I hit
cancel in a hurry.

I have two shredders, one in the kitchen that shreds junk mail and
homeschool papers into long strips, one by my computer that makes little
cross cut bits. I use the crosscut ones for guinea pig/rat/mouse/rabbit
bedding,and when used, they go into the compost or get layered in the
lasagna-style, compost-in-place flower beds.

The long shreds are for raku combustibles, or for packing pots for local
shows. But I've found it's too darn heavy to pack with for shipping! I
trim pots as thin as possible to shave off postage, and I have always
used wadded newspaper between the inner and the outer box, but even that
weighs too much. Lately I am combining it with the recycled styro from
chunked up coolers or the packing material that comes in boxes are
shipped to me. Those potato starch peanuts are pretty slick but if they
get wet you've got a big mess.

The problem is, reusing recycled packing peanuts just gives your
eco-friendly end user the job of finding a place to recycle them. It's
the ultimate hot potato.

Good luck with your mermaids. After "The secret life of bees" came out,
there was a surge in interest in beekeeping and beekeepers. Now that
she's written "The Mermaid Chair", I suspect there will be an interest
in mermaids, and in southern coastal towns like yours... ride the wave!

Kelly in Ohio

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