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full service artist: shipping included

updated fri 11 aug 06


Elizabeth Priddy on thu 10 aug 06

Kelly and all others on this path of shipping,

I have two suggestions on the eco conscious consumers:

get a shredder and shred all your junkmail and local
free papers to make packing material. Or real plain
popcorn, which is naturally bopdegradable and also
smells neat when you open the package.

Offer them a packing option as part of your checkout

And the website David mentioned has a plain kraft
paper box for your interior packaging that looks
suitably green although I am certain that a google
search will get you what you need.

here's an article that might be appropo

Again, I find us on the same page of life, as I also
have been coming across packaging issues.

I have decided that shredded junk mail and our local
free papers, gleaned the day after the new one is on
the stands, they leave last weeks for just such, are
what I want to fill the secondary space of my boxes
with, not the first layer of bubble wrap and interior
box, mind you.

The boxes I have yet to decide on.

Although for small items, the USPS has a new feature
called 8 any weight any state, or a standard box of
any weight to anywhere US for $8. And they provide
the boxes, as many as you need. Could make shipping
mugs and other smaller things a lot easier and
cheaper, just charge $10 even for anything up to a
certain dimension, and remember YOU decide just how
big the thing you are selling is, since you are making
it. Yes, this is designing toward the packaging, but
sometimes that is the most cost effective thing to do
when size is a variable in your control.

Your bread and butter should take advantage of any
opportunity that presents itself. Your art should be
what it needs to be.

I will sell prints of my paintings on my new website
launch in the fall, just for that shipping reason as
well as a need to make reproducible mermaid work that
people seem to want to collect.

Remember: research is your friend and designing to
meet ALL the criterion in play, including shipping is
not just a choice, it is your job as a full service


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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