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the poetry of a potter(hope you enjoy)

updated thu 10 aug 06


Crista Nelson on tue 8 aug 06

The Poetry of a Potter
The poetry of a potter-
Is not spoken from the mouth but from the hands
It is not heard by the ears=20
But by the eyes which delight in its beauty
The potter is a chameleon through her medium
Displaying her feelings through the many moods of clay
Smooth, tall and straight- maybe she's feeling confident=20
Rough, wrinkled and small- maybe she's feeling hurt
A bowl with soft frilly edges- sweet and shy perhaps
A vase with a wide mouth-seeking happiness ready to receive love
An angel painstakingly carved and posed
Her creative juices are flowing, her feelings are revealed
Her emotions brought to light for all to interpret
She sings her soul in every creation
Her thoughts are absorbed by the softness of the mud
She opens a new bag of clay, fresh and untouched
Like a writer whose paper is clean ideas flow from her fingertips
Unspoken words divulged through shape
This poetry of a potter, whose medium is clay
Will long exist, when she is no more. . .
Crista Nelson=20
Copyright =A92006 Crista C. Nelson=20