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updated thu 10 aug 06


Lili Krakowski on wed 9 aug 06

If one makes production type stuff, it is easy to include the price with
one's signature. Let us say mugs, cereal bowls, creamers all are $12.50,
while quart jugs, 1 pt lidded jars are $20. It is easy to assign one small
stamp (the head of a screw makes a good mark, as do small buttons glued
(individually) on the end of a 1/4" dowel) to each price. If one wishes the
symbol can be posted
discreetly on a shelf....It is much like color coding prices. What is great
about the system--as with color coding--is that prices can be changed
without needing to handle all the pots, and wise-acre customers cannot claim
to have misread. Nor does temporary help need guidance.

Now as to the high cost of shipping. Someone wrote of feeling bad about
charging $13 for shipping a $40 item. This may seem high for someone who
lives in a big city, and works near a lot of lovely shops. Then, there,
shopping can be done during lunch hour, or so, and $13 for shipping sounds
like a lot.

But I live in a rural area, and many people live in suburbs, in small towns,
without galleries and craft shops. For me to go shopping is a 40 mile
drive to Utica, or a 30 mile drive to Rome. Even if I go with a friend
whose car gets 30 m. to the gallon, about 3 gallons are gone. ($9 these
days). A trip in the pickup would cost closer to $12. Since it is a
longish trip, in all probability I will need to reinvigorate myself with
some coffee, or even lunch. Some more $. As I hate shopping, as this all
would take a lot of time....I gotta say that I love buying gifts on the
Internet. Admittedly I am conservative--I do not buy gadgets or similar,
just stuff I understand and know...And I have some "regular suppliers"whose
quality and service I can rely on.

I think if you keep a web page and sell through the mails, your customers
will be overjoyed that they can sit there in their nighties, not drive, not
leave the house even, and select the perfect gift for almost all occasions.
THAT is worth even more than $13!

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage