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good book on art and craft businees

updated thu 10 aug 06


Charanjiv Sachar on wed 9 aug 06

Hi all,
I was doing some summer reading and came across this book at the local library Crafts and craft shows : how to make money / Phil Kadubec. It is well written and covers a lot of aspects that have always been discussed at clayart.
Even though their craft is basketry, he keeps making references to potters through out the book and has a lot of helpful tips. Below is the long list of topics covered. Really enjoyed reading every page of the the book in a few hours.

A Little about the Three Basketeers -- Marketing Yourself and Your Product -- What You Are Not -- The Need to Develop Self-Reliance -- Naming Your Business -- Your Personal Appearance -- Your Business Card -- The Most Trivial Things Can Be Important -- Your Craft Show Schedule -- The Importance of a Large Inventory to Your Sales -- The Reality of the Craft Marketplace -- Never Be Self-Satisfied -- Try to Produce Something Different -- Try to Stand Out from the Competition.
Variety Is the Spice of Life -- The Copycat -- Know Yourself, Your Assets, and Your Limitations -- Reevaluate the Crafts Business -- Set Your Standard High -- Keep Up with the Trends, Fads, and Even Eccentricities of Your Public -- Continue Evaluating Yourself -- Pricing Your Product -- The Difficulty of Pricing Your Craft -- A Variety of Factors Affect Your Price -- The Loss Leader -- You Can't Make Constant Price Adjustments -- The Hourly Wage Issue.
Customer Reaction Can Help Determine Your Price -- The Numbers Game of Pricing -- Test Pricing -- Once Again Variety -- Adjust Your Inventory -- The Special Order -- Another Reason to Review Your Pricing Structure -- Cash Flow -- Strictly Business -- Get Professional Help -- Open a Business Banking Account -- Avoid Commingling Funds -- Small Business Regulations, Resale Permits, and Licenses -- Assessing Sales Tax to the Customer -- The Resale Permit.
Your Suppliers and Your Accounts -- Catalogue Suppliers -- Keeping Your Records -- Business-Related Use of Your Vehicle -- Establish a Mailing List -- Buy a Cash Register -- Design Patents, Copyright, and Trademarks -- A Crucial Related Problem -- Small Business Insurance -- Merchant Charge Accounts -- Accepting Checks -- Your Business Work Routine -- The Need for Record Keeping -- Selecting Your Shows -- How Not to Pick Your Shows -- A Great Show Is a Relative Matter.
Then There Is the Liar -- More Conventional Means of Selecting Your Shows -- Negatives about the Unsolicited or Personal Invitation -- The Exception to the Rule -- The Best Method of Selecting Your Shows -- The Guide Book -- Many Factors Will Influence Your Show Selection -- Show Fees -- Another Reality Check -- Some General Advice -- The Promoter -- The Process of Applying -- Promoters and the Jury System -- Handling a Rejection -- The Process of Jurying.
Photographing Your Craft and Your Booth Display -- Acceptance or Rejection Can Be in the Details -- The Percentage Show -- Remember Your Monetary Goal -- Promotional Costs Are Rising -- Excuses, Alibis, and Blaming the Promoter -- Be Careful about These Promotions -- Booth Setup and Booth Display -- The Neglected Craft Booth -- Your Booth Is Your Store -- Catastrophes, Inconveniences, and Means of Preventing Them -- Your Display for Outdoor Setup -- Your Indoor Booth Display.
Booth Design Is a Daunting Task -- Loading and Packing Your Vehicle -- Setting Up and Show Site Conditions -- Learn Your Role -- Back to the Checklist -- How to Best Display Your Product -- Create a Warm, Friendly, Colorful, and Inviting Atmosphere -- Illuminating Your Booth -- Other Lighting Problems -- Arranging Your Merchandise -- Storage Space -- The Advantage of an Open Booth -- Price All Your Merchandise -- Demonstrate Your Product -- Advertise Yourself.
The Perils of Tearing Down -- Dealing with Customers -- Be Honest with Each Other and Yourself -- Some Absolute Nos and Nevers -- The Positive Approach and Techniques You Can Use -- Stand Behind Your Product -- Appeal to the Customer's Senses and Sense of Self-Importance -- Men at a Craft Show -- Controlling Your Own Feelings -- An Overview of the Crafts Business--and Beyond -- Wholesaling Your Product -- Renting Floor Space in a Shop -- Selling on Consignment.
The Rep or Middle Man -- More Unusual Methods of Selling Your Craft -- The Television Market -- The Internet -- The End of the Craft Road or Taking a New Direction? -- What Might Have Been -- Rosie's Business Adventures and Misadventures -- When to Retire and Preparing for It.

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