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touching pots (was: making price tags stick)

updated tue 8 aug 06


Bruce Girrell on mon 7 aug 06

Lee Love wrote:

> Put a sign up and let people know they SHOULD touch the pots. I am
> usually not interested in the price of a pot until I touch it.

Despite the fact that our work is what many would consider high-priced =
and at the same time fragile, due to being a low-fire process, I always =
encouraged people to pick up our pots. The warm, silky texture of the =
burnished surface simply cannot be sensed with the eyes. The weight and =
balance can only be guessed at by sight.

I particularly enjoyed watching the look of horror on parents' faces =
when I would start instructing their little ones how to handle a pot =
(Always lift from the bottom. Always have two hands on the pot. Always =
keep at least one hand under the pot. Don't hold by the rim.).=20

Many times the adults would not allow their children the opportunity to =
hold a pot, but some did. And I never had a child drop or break a pot. =
It was tough sometimes getting the adults to pick up the pots.

Bruce "I know... I'm perverted" Girrell