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those pretty boxes and shipping costs

updated tue 8 aug 06


Jean Cochran on mon 7 aug 06

Hi Ya'll,

When I sell pots for shipping, I have the patron pay up front for the pots.
Then I have a typed invoice that I take with me to the shipping and packing
company. Whatever they charge me to pack and ship, I hand-write on the
invoice. This is the amount they owe me.

It does seem like a dirty trick to charge $13 shipping on a $40. pot. It
is, also, a dirty trick to have to absorb that amount. Never mind that we
aren't making a profit, we can't even afford to buy gas and clay and
chemicals and electricity. We just cannot absorb the cost of shipping. (In
my humble opinion)

Jean Wadsworth Cochran

But shipping is so expensive as it is, that I really have to cut down on
expenses. I have been eating 2 or 3 dollars of shipping costs per pot (plus
materials) rather than crank up the fees on my site. It just seems like a
dirty trick to charge $13 shipping on a $40 pot.

Lee Love on tue 8 aug 06

Think of the post office as your partner, just like the gallery
owner or shop keeper.

Typically, the amount it will cost to ship a pot is less than the
gallery's cut. Except for the very low end of the market, you end
up keeping more money for the pot, even with shipping, than you would
if you sold the same piece at a gallery or shop.


Lee in Mashiko, Japan
"Let the beauty we love be what we do." - Rumi