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to show or not to show

updated sun 6 aug 06


Lili Krakowski on sat 5 aug 06

There are more questions than answers here.

First there are competitive shows, with entry fees, jurors etc. and I have
decried them often enough to bore even myself.

The other kind--which I will subsume under the name "craft fairs" really
vary from each to each, for each to each. The final realistic question has
a personal answer: how did I do, how well will I do, is it worth it.

When I did these things I ignored the time needed to pack, unpack, drive.
Ancillary costs such as eating out or sleeping at a motel. Time lost from
work I needed to do at home, while I sat there charming prospective buyers.

What I profited most from was before and after the show, scouting out the
neighborhood for shops that might take my stuff. THAT proved profitable.

What I am getting at is that Clayarters have reported an endless variety of
experiences--from having to beat customers off with sticks, to falling
asleep in their booth, from selling only enough to pay for gas, and this
from small items like mugs, to making a couple of monster sales--one or two
pots-- that paid off the mortgage.

Which leaves my only suggestion: make a list of ALL costs (this includes
baby sitters and such) keep track of ALL time involved (including getting
baby TO/FROM babysitter), factor in the ego-factor (yes, it's nice to be
praised, it's lovely to be ooohed and aaaahed at) and above all, if it comes
to it, be a cheerful quitter.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage