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swap meet find: tea ceremony book

updated sun 6 aug 06


Ann Brink on sat 5 aug 06

A college student was selling his extra books/ had this one left over =
from "Asian Studies" is "The Tea Ceremony" by Sen'o Tanaka and =
Sendo Tanaka, pub. in 1973 and several later editions also. I got it =
for $2.!

It has some wonderful pictures of pottery, gardens, and detailed =
explanations of the tea ceremony. In my little town, there may be no =
demand for pots of this style, but this is a subject I've always wanted =
to explore.=20

I guess that's why I keep going to the swap meet, even though I am not =
interested in most of the regular vendors: clothing cookware fake =
designer handbags, crappy tools etc. Every so often a non-regular shows =
up with goodies.

Ann Brink in Lompoc, waiting to unload a glaze firing with some new =
experiments in it- if worth sharing, I'll put them on my blog.