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updated sun 6 aug 06


Dale Neese on sat 5 aug 06

My price stickers are made on the computer and printed out on Avery return
address adhesive label paper. In the MS Word Document tool program for
"return labels" you can type in your price amount. You can have rows of $10,
$25, $35 etc. The return label print area is bigger than the typed price
itself so after printing out the first time invert the sheet in the printer
and print it again. You now have rows of price labels on a full sheet. Cut
the sheet into strips of labels with a paper cutter. The strips are sorted
by price and put into marked envelopes. When I pull and clean pottery from
the kiln I can arrange the envelopes by price, pull a single price sticker
off the strip and I most always press it on the glazed side of a piece next
to my studio stamp. The stickers are good about staying firmly attached to
the ware unless you get them soaking wet. My fair display is protected by a
tent so I don't have a problem if there is rain.
I don't put my price labels on the bottom of the pottery. Patrons of the
fairs I believe like to be able to see the price without handling the piece.
Especially if it's a big jar. The labels are small so sometimes if they pick
up a mug their thumb can cover the label and they don't see it. Also... this
ALWAYS happens. I forget and leave a price sticker off one of twenty same
size bowls. They ALWAYS find the ONE bowl that is not priced. The patron
comes with the piece in hand. "This has no price on it must be
free?" Ha, Ha. Haven't heard that

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA