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making price tags stick and high end pots

updated sun 13 aug 06


Lynne Antone on sat 5 aug 06

My husband, Paul, and I do not do High End shows. Some of his work is getting closer, as it is decorative work, but mine is everyday, functional, cone 6 electric. I put my tags in very visible areas, nothing fancy. My prices go from $10 cups to $40 slip decorated shallow bowls. I think Paul's highest price for a pot is $120 with his wall pieces at $225. We tried string tags which we taped inside and let hang on the outside. They got pretty beat up at some windy, wet shows and also came off too much in packing and repacking. We use them for galleries only.

Yes, I agree with Tony, a whole different philosophy with galleries and High End sales. Everything about the pot must scream class, from the tag to the pedestal/holder. I think we may have been slacking off here and there with some of Paul's pieces and this makes me more aware. Think I will hand callig some tags for his next show.

Lynne Antone

"Some mistakes are too much fun to make only once"
Beaver Creek Arts
Olympia WA

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From: Jennifer Boyer
> This subject brings up a basic decision we all have to make: does the
> sticker go on the bottom or not?

Deborah Woods on fri 11 aug 06

Lynn, I don't want to be presumptuous (spelling?) but, don't do yourself a
dis-service by implying since your husbands work is apparently something
"higher" than cone 6 electric, that it is somehow special. first, remember,
that the difference between cone 6 and cone 10 is about 150 degrees. This
is nothing that needs a drum roll. Yes it's a diffent atmosphere, but it's
not like a bottle that a genie lives in. There are beautiful pots that come
from the lowly cone 6 electric kiln, and ugly-butt pots that come from cone
10 reduction kilns. You're probably not, but just in case you are, don't
devalue your work, because it probably doesn't deserve it.