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stickers/price tags.

updated sat 5 aug 06


mel jacobson on fri 4 aug 06

the very best ever:
blue masking tape.
cut with a scissor if you need them straight.

i have just came across a pot that
we have in the living room.
made in 1974.
took it out of a show on the deck.
it still has the masking tape price on the bottom.
and, i cannot get the tape off unless i use lacquer thinner.
now that is sticky tape.

i really like the 3m brand blue masking.
it is superior in my mind.
the knock off stuff never sticks as well as 3m.
the extra fifty cents is well worth it.
local vendor you know. mcnights.
sharlene did the wedding invite for their grand daughter.
hand callig on all the 700 invites/envelopes.
lots of greek and arab names. she did it without
an error.
the sigh she let out when that job was done could
be heard at ivor's house in oz.

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