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interest in small gas kilns

updated sat 5 aug 06


shane mickey on fri 4 aug 06

First off you gotta state these numbers as if they were built for a client, i.e. not in your backyard, you can really build a kiln for next to nothing if your willing to look/scrounge/dig etc.
I agree with bruce, i have been building a few kilns in the last few years and some have been in the 16 cu ft of stacking space size, those can easily run upwards of 2-3k just in brick prices, the metal alone can be $300. then you throw in burners, a shed, the list goes on. remember this is all done for someone, i have to order the materials arrange for shipment, wear several hats(brick mason,welder, carpenter, etc), design the kiln and create a materials list. so as to an industry person asking if there is a market for small kilns, YES! i am sure they could design and manufacture a kiln for way cheaper than i can build. the current kiln options just are limited and i have no idea what it takes to go from buying a kiln to getting it to a site and hooking it up. i do know that a 245 cu ft downdraft manufactered kiln a few years ago was like 7 or 8 thousand bucks. anyway thats my two cents.
shane mickey

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