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southern fried conference

updated fri 4 aug 06


Neal on sat 29 jul 06

I just got back from two packed days of clay. It was a
great conference. Mel had everyone enthralled. I enjoyed
meeting some Clayart folks for the first time and getting
to know better some whom I had met before.

The workshops were all top notch: David Hendley, Dave
Finkelnburg, Stephani Stephenson, Patz Fowle, Doug Gray,
Mel, Jim Connell, and Dannon Rudy were the one I was able
to see. I missed Sasha and Tari Federer, Kurt Wild, and
Virginia Scotchie. The conference had two workshops going
on simultaneously and it was a hard choice most of the time
for me. Fortunately, a lot of the presenters did more than
one workshop--so, for instance, I was able to see Dannon's
second one since her first one was going on at the same
time as Stephani's first one.

I have so many notes, filled my camera's memory card and
broke out a second one, plus lots of ideas just floating
around in my head--it's going to take a long time to
consolidate all I heard and saw.

Neal O'Briant

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Neal on sun 30 jul 06

I woke up this morning, still trying to take
in so much info from this conference. So I
knew I had to start with something basic:
Mel's tap centering. If only I had known--
it's really as easy as he shows. I was
prepared to struggle with my plastic cup
for 10 or 15 minutes, then give up thinking
it's not the technique for me. All it took
was 10 to 15 seconds and the cup was centered.
I thought it had to be a fluke. But when I put
the cup off center, I got centered again every
time in just a few seconds. Thanks, Mel.

Neal O'Briant

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Dannon Rhudy on sun 30 jul 06

Just a brief report. The Southern Fried Ceramics
conference in South Carolina was great. Doug Gray
did his usual amazing job of seeing to every detail.

There was a lively group of clayart folks there, and
lots of others, too. There were not only some excellent
and interesting presentations, there was quite a bit of
extra-curricular fun. And David Hendley sang a bit
of blues.

Good to meet some folks that I only knew from the
list. Thanks, all.


Dannon Rhudy

Stephani Stephenson on wed 2 aug 06

I was so impressed with the people I met at the Southern Fried
enthusiastic, friendly, sharing people.
Doug Gray outdid himself , with fine presentations as well as his
tireless attention to detail , always gracious.
Thank you Doug for your hard work.
Also Kurt Wild's presentation was wonderful, start to finish.
When you see good work which spans decades... see the changes that
take place, and hear Kurt's anecdotes and information
Quite a story emerges. and the pots are so beautiful, designed so
well, the glazes gorgeous.
Thank you Kurt for sharing your work with us!!!
what a good gathering of people! The audience had lots of questions,
everyone very much involved in their work, and good quality work.
good seeing friends and making some new ones.
Most of the attendees were from the south, and I found southern
hospitality and graciousness to be alive and well!
I have never been to the Carolina's and found the drive between
Charlotte , N.C. and Florence S.C.
to be quite beautiful.
Took a back road down to Florence . Found great southern cooking
along the way, seams of clay just laying on the ground...almost
everywhere, and
stopped at Sandhil Pottery in McBee, S.C.
Mr Otis Norris, gets his own clay, makes the pots, built his own
deairing pugmill, woodfired kiln, etc.
I really enjoyed visiting his pottery and seeing his wares.
Bought ripe peaches in McBee and delighted in trying to identify all of
the field crops...peanuts, cotton, tobacco, melons; all the crops
unique to the south
Could not begin to identify all of the insect, amphibian and who
knows! sounds coming out of the woods in the evening on the campus of
Frances Marion University. felt like I was in the wilds of Borneo.,
exotic symphony of sound!
on the way to the airport...stopped in Seagrove. oops! Sunday in
Seagrove, almost everything closed! very rural too, not what I had
Fortunately the pottery of Benjamin Burns was open , and was nice
visiting with him and seeing his work.
Made it to the plane on time.

Stephani Stephenson