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workshop ending today

updated sun 30 jul 06


Hank Murrow on fri 28 jul 06

So Linda;

Are you stopping in Eugene upon your return south?

Cheers, Hank

Linda - Pacifica on fri 28 jul 06

Today is the final day in Vince Pitelka's Ancient Clay workshop and I can't believe how fast this and last week's Colored Clay workshop have gone.

It's really important for me to not only take workshops to learn new techniques but to watch careful craftspeople do what they do best. In the current workshop, everyone has done interesting work but our work can't hold a candle to Vince's.

But it's not just the design, skill and experience with coil building in which he excels; it's the extraordinary care he takes at each step.

I watch carefully. Yesterday was the day to prepare our greenware for the terra sigillata, apply and polish the terra sig. Vince took more time than any of us students on pieces and it showed in the final result. His pots were better finished than ours and the only difference was the length of time he took in some of the steps.

It may be that that is the lesson one learns with years, decades, of doing a craft: just how much further one has to go to get the best result.

We finish up today and will know this afternoon how many of our treasures survive intact.

Happy firing to all,
Linda Ferzoco
temporarily in Ferndale, Washington