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: terra sig and mica

updated sat 29 jul 06


Ivor and Olive Lewis on thu 27 jul 06

Dear Patricia Gilmartin

You ask <sig to try to get a little depth or sparkle to the clay surface? >>

Sorry, I haven't ! But I have used Mica as a body flux for Salt glaze =
clay. Muscovite is a mica that contains Potassium. Available in large =
sheets it is used as heat resistant windows but above abort 1000 deg =
Celsius if becomes an active flux and fuses.

Some metals are available as "Flake" but if they are derived from =
aluminium they will just melt and oxidise so the effects you seek would =
be lost. But gold (24 Kt ) foil might work if your firing temperature =
remains below 900 deg Celsius.

Nevertheless it might pay you to try things out. You might get an =
unexpected surprise.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.