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whom do we buy from? kilns and such

updated wed 26 jul 06


Lili Krakowski on tue 25 jul 06

As I often have said I have no commercial interests, and have no relatives
in the business...So this is NOT a self-interested rant.

We often get inquiries about where and what to buy. And it seems to me
that --all things being equal-- we should show appreciation for those who
contribute their expertise to ClayArt, free of charge, for nothing, by
buying from THEM.

I have had excellent experiences with diverse brands of kilns. If my most
recent were from Paragon it was because Arnold Howard is a generous and kind
man who pitches in with all sorts of super advice no matter WHAT brand of
kiln is being asked about. N.B. no one has stopped other kiln makers from
being as open-handed.

Ditto we have had wonderful advice from Cynthia Bracker Sturm, and from
Rogier Donker, Ron Roy (of Tucker's) John H. of Glaze Master fame, Steve
Branfman (The Potters Shop) and I apologize if I am leaving anyone out, and
they are the first on my list to buy from.

If we are family, then we should support family.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage