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updated mon 24 jul 06


JOYCE LEE on sun 23 jul 06

Lili, blessed Lili, says:
" I could not find a place in this rant for "elitist", "snobbish",
> "contemptuous". But this rant cannot leave without them. Please =
> them liberally.....
I was going to send this privately, Lili, but I want Clayart to know =
that I dearly love you. What a grand post..... whether one agrees or
not...... and I do of course 125%. I truly could not have said it =

Thank you from one who now has a chest full of more underpants and
socks than I'll ever wear .... major metaphor for some parts of my
life. I also have three red wagons (well, carts) that #1 Support Person
bought for me when he discovered that I (sob, sob) never had the
little red wagon that I so coveted at ages 3, 4, 5, 6, continuing for
many years to feel the pain of loss for something I never had. I've now
been carted (or wagoned.... same to me) Big Time; one's even hydraulic.

It is too easy to think Elitist, however. Last evening I drove through =
park to see what all the activity was about. There were large families
with blankets (and babies) on the ground, dads playing ball,
little ones on the swings, moms mostly sitting chatting, tending to
children and watching over the picnic paraphenalia. I enjoyed the
sight figuring they were probably mostly from the "affordable housing"
across the way and pleased to see that they were at least out of the
stuffy heat of the small houses and apartments. I caught myself ......
I who had little as a kid but seldom knew I might be "poor"..... Mama
Luce would never have tolerated such thinking. Anyway, I ...for
shame!.... found myself thinking "this is great but it still is too hot =
much activity.... wonder why they don't go to a local restaurant .... =
conditioned restaurant.... and maybe to one of the family movies
playing now.... air-conditioned theater...... that could be a delightful
treat." I really thought that! before getting a stronger grasp on
reality......... I, with roots in the Appalachia of Kentucky and =

So, in truth, Lili, but for a yappy little dog blaming me for it =
I'm only one step from the snobbish and contemptuous myself.... well,
maybe not contemptuous....... but snobbish, yes! How did that

In the Mojave where it's to be 114 F again today. Normally I use the
air-conditioner maybe 12 days a year......... solely for purposes of
staying alive. The
rest of the summer (our Bad Months! I think of them as our Winter)
I use swamp coolers. The a.c. has been on more days than I've
kept count, but well over 12 ... very expensive to run and normally
not nearly as effective as the swamp cooler. The door opens; the
westie rushes out excitedly as always to visit with the young
monster-eared Jack Rabbits .... turns around and glares
at me as she slinks back in....... Her Shortness has been foiled
again and somehow I'm to blame.