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slab expansion? extruders: baileys or scottcreek?

updated sat 22 jul 06


sincultura13 on fri 21 jul 06

Many thanks to David, Deborah, and the other who contacted me

David, you are right I don't intent to make flower pots, but Flower
VASES... sorry... Don't have plans to extrude anything bigger than

I'm not very handy, nor have any tools so I don't think I could make
my own dies... then again if I get the extruder I'm going to save
money for your DVDs and maybe then... :) BTW, how wide are the your
dancing vases? hard to tell from the pics...

Has anyone here tried ScottCreeks expansion box and Slab rolling
set? Being able to roll slabs with extruder would be a big plus...
As a mater of fact I'm not completely sure whether to get a
Slabroller instead... I want to try to make some stuff other than
thrown (I handbuild pieces but mostly bigger one of a kind type I
don't sell very often) as I have notices that wall and handbuilt
stuff here people value for some reason more...



--- In, David Hendley wrote:
> Hi Sincultura26 - Well, there are many Bailey extruders.
> If you truly mean that you want to extrude flower pots,
> you really need the top-of-the-line pneumatic Bailey.
> We are talking about a lot of clay passing through.
> In my opinion, however, with zero experience with extruders
> you don't really know what's involved with extruding
> flower pots, and I suggest you try some extruding before
> you buy such a major piece of equipment. This is quite
> different and more challenging than extruding some handles.
> For making handles and smaller hollow extrusions without
> an expansion box, which is probably how you would mostly
> use an extruder, I prefer the Scott Creek because the die-
> holding system is better. Although the smaller Bailey has
> thumb screws on the die holder, pliers or a wrench are needed
> to tighten it, and no matter how tight you get it, some clay
> invariably leaks out around the die. The 3 pins on the Scott
> Creek die holder are easy to use with no tools required.
> It is also my personal preference to choose a round barrel
> over a square barrel.
> The wall thickness of the extruded piece has nothing to do with
> the extruder. It is purely a function of the die. No matter what
> extruder you buy, you are better off making your own dies
> rather than buying the 'stock' die kits offered with the extruders.
> When you make your own, you decide the wall thickness, as well
> as all other characteristics of the die and resulting extrusion.
> David Hendley
> Maydelle, Texas
> david(at)farmpots(dot)com
> "EXTRUDE IT! Getting the Most From
> Your Clay Extruder" available at
> ----- Original Message -----
> > Which extruder is easier to use and better overall Bailey or
> > I have zero experience with extruders so I have no clue which
to get...
> > What I know I need is for it to be able to handle white clays
which both
> > should.... adjustable wall thickness would be a big plus...
> > I would like to use it to make simple flower pots, small boxes,
> > handles and rolling slabs...
> >
> > Regards,
> > Sincultura26
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