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updated sat 22 jul 06


Marie E.v.B. Gibbons on fri 21 jul 06

Another thing that makes a difference -
I always mail a Thank you card to everyone that buys, always!
I photo copy (desk top scanner/printer - so I can photo copy at home)
all the checks that I received. Within 2 days time of the purchase I
sit and write a personally Thank you to all each person who purchased
work. Thanking them for their purchase, telling them how appreciated
their support is and that I hope they will enjoy their piece for many
years to come.

It's kinda 'old school' any more, which is sad, but true. It makes a
big difference. I have had people send me a Thank you back for their
Thank you!

marie gibbons
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On Jul 21, 2006, at 7:01 AM, Tom at wrote:

> You are right David...mailing lists take a lot of time and effort, but
> it is
> still the one single best advertising ploy available if you look at it
> in
> terms of cost per customer. While I suggested using a spread sheet to
> keep
> it, we actually use MS Access database and had a friend write a page
> that as
> we go to enter a name, pops up a drop down list so if the name is
> there, you
> just click on it and up pops their form. As you close that form, it is
> automatically updated in another field so that over time, your list
> shows
> only current customers. We've now had to start dropping people who
> haven't
> shown up within 3 years...although we know that's too short a
> time...for the
> very reasons you state.
> My point was to get started immediately, and a spreadsheet is usually
> convertible into a database when the time comes. Excel does have a
> duplicates feature, or you could just sort by last name and visually
> scan
> for duplicates. (That does mean you'd spent the time entering someone
> twice).
> Maybe someone on the list way more versed in this than I could give us
> some
> tips on how to streamline the data entry.
> Tom Wirt
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>> The advice to start and maintain and use a mailing list
>> is right on the mark. It is far and away your best source
>> of customers. ABSOLUTELY.
>> I would like to comment on Tom's statement, however:
>>> Do it on a simple spreadsheet so you can manipulate it easily: first
>>> name,
>>> last name, address, city, state, zip, date captured, source/show.
>>> DO IT! It continues to amaze me at how few artists take the little
>>> amount
>>> of time.
>> I spend lots of time and money gathering, maintaining, and
>> using my mailing list. There is no free lunch!
>> After a good weekend show, it can take several hours to check
>> every name on every check against your database and then
>> enter the ones you don't already have.
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