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pottery with j.adams signature

updated wed 26 jul 06


Kim Overall on thu 20 jul 06

A gentleman has posted a query on the Houston Potters Guild website e-mail
if we could locate a potter with J. Adams' signature. He sent clear
detailed images of modern day work. It looks to be multiglazed either low
to high fired stoneware reduction. A satin white, temmoku, and baby blue
glazes abstractly poured on the exterior leaving some exterior areas of the
pot unglazed.

He really likes this potters' work and would like more.

If there are J. Adams reading Clayart these days that would like to see the
signature and pots to eventually contacting this person; please e-mail me
off list. I informed him this may take a while; but wouldn't it be cool if
it worked out and more sales were made with just this little bit of effort?

Kim in Houston

Kim Overall on tue 25 jul 06

I didn't have to go far in finding out who J. Adams is from an inquiry we
had on the Houston Potters Guild website e-mail. Two Houston Potters Guild
members had the answer lickity split: Michael Unger and Lydia Busch.

Judy Adams with Foelber Gallery here in Houston got acquainted with an
admirer of her work through the internet. Isn't it great?!

I love happy endings.

Kim in Houston