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how many pieces to take to an exhibition/blickclinghall

updated wed 19 jul 06


Pat Southwood on wed 19 jul 06

I set up my bit at Blickling Hall today. I took 72 pieces.
I know this sounds massive, but it was of an adequate sufficiency for =
the space.
I had a humumguous plinth/ solid shelf against a white wall, it was =
3'.6" x 18'
47 of them went there , at varying heights,on lots of plinths and see =
thru stands and the rest, composed of the left- over tiny bottles on an =
adjacent window ledge.

It was amazing walking down the main drive of a stunning Jacobean =
building, totally devoid of anyone else.
Nearly sunset.
I could almost pretend that I owned it.=20
Fleetingly, anyway.
A really good evening.
P.s. Simply Red are playing there tomrrow night,
U.B. 40 were there on Thursday night and apparently, Tom Jones gigged =
there last year !!
All this culture on my doorstep and I never knew.....
Pat Southwood
Apprecciating it when they come to you.