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cone 10 shelves

updated fri 14 jul 06


threereeds1 on thu 13 jul 06

Laguna is said to have bought Thorley. Of course one never wants
to have to make this kind of post. I lost two out of three, cut my losses
and bought from Bailey at nearly twice the price. People at clayart are
served by this type of post as well as the plus's. Laguna is taking heat
for this and I suspect reads clayart as a matter of course. I would be if
so many of my customers talked on this forum. It would be just good
business. Ear to the ground kind of thing.
I ordered a number of posts and the local shop called me to show me
how poorly the shipment was packed. Posts in peanuts...90 % were
badly chipped or broken. Next bunch were much better.
I would like to see Laguna give us some kind of thumbs up when we can
expect to buy with better confidence...something like LAGUNA
in only x months returned the Thorley production to its historic levels
of quality excellence... O well, its their business...they know what to do.

Tom King
In Tulsa where we won't need shelves soon...sidewalk and a mirror!

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From: "Deborah Woods"
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 7:39 AM
Subject: electric cone 10 shelves

>I don't know if they make cone 10 shelves, but I would highly reccommend
> staying away from Thorley shelves right now. Out of 11 shelves I have
> purchased in the last few months, 5 cracked up the middle on the very
> first
> firing to cone 6. Like I said, I don't know if this will apply to you,
> but
> it is a brand you might wish to avoid. I heard the company was bought out
> by someone and that I am not the only one having this problem. The
> quality
> has apparantly dropped.
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