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toronto outdoor exhibition

updated wed 12 jul 06


Liz Willoughby on mon 10 jul 06

Hello Claybuds,
Been a while since I have posted. Been reading the list though, and
have had a few good chuckles, and also some thoughtful moments.

I went to the Toronto Art Exhibition last Saturday, had not been for
a couple of years, and found that it is indeed a very good place to
see art of all kinds, and some things had definitely changed. More
upscale stuff, and higher priced items all around.

Eric Wong's booth was a pleasure to visit, always have liked his nice
fat shino, and his forms. And I was so embarrassed, I was standing
at the counter buying a couple of small plates, turned around and my
purse hit a cruet of his which went smashing down on the floor. . .he
would take no money, so I am sending him something. And I am a
potter, couldn't believe what I had done!

Tony and Sheila's booth was exceptional with their classy wood fired
work. Not much there that was in the mid price range, except for the
teabowls, and from Tony's post, it paid off. A nicely balanced,
beautifully crafted and very LARGE casserole, and wonderful large
plates of his glazed with his ash glaze. Sheila's boxes were
exceptional with the choice of glaze/crackle slip and feet, just
lifting the forms up enough to create a subtle nudging of the senses.
Their display of tea bowls was nicely displayed, and of course I had
to stand there and take out almost every one before so that I could
look at it more closely. Finally chose one, and was complimented by
Bruce Cockrane that it was the one he was going to buy, and that I
had a "good eye".

I guess that I am out of touch, because I sell my mugs at $18, and
most of the mugs that I saw were $25 and up. Good to get out of my
space and see what is happening in the big city!

There is a fellow that is doing some lurking on clayart, Norman
Wheeler, a wood firer who has some
new small vessel forms that are very interesting. They remind me of
the rocks up around Algonquin Park. Also larger asymmetrical forms
that are loosely thrown and are also reminiscent of nature in the
raw. I think of rocks that are cut through to make roads, that kind
of look to them.

It was a hot day, but always nice to visit with potters and to see
new work, and also to bring a few new pots home with me to try to
find a place to put them.

Looks like things are already heating up for NCECA,
the years are going by too fast.
Best to all,
Liz from Grafton, Ontario, Canada.

Tony sez,
>The word on the pavement was that high end was where it's at and that was
>evident in our booth. First sale $425 cassserole, next $225 x2 plates, 3 of
>Sheila's boxes now at $325 gone, and so went our weekend with high ticket
>items. Sheila the sly fox invited a gallery to visit us at 4:30 the last
>day of the sale. he dropped $4000 retail. This meant we didn't have to pack
>and take home and our bottom line increased.
>I had students selling $350 platters and sculpture. The low end mug makers
>died. Can't say I didn't warn y'all. Low end is not where ya want to be in
>this economy.
>P.S Good to see ya Liz. Couldn't hear ya at my end of the beer table.