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2006 critique work and blog ready - elizabeth priddy

updated wed 12 jul 06


Elizabeth Priddy on tue 11 jul 06

Hey everybody.
I have set up a page for critique and commentary on my
website. Although I am the first guninea pig, the
site will be available for others with a desire for
growth and group crit.

If you go to my regular page and select JOURNAL from
the list at the top of the home page, on the left is a
group of topics. Select "2006 critique" and have at

The work currently available to talk about is in the
top three links on the main page, "initial pics, 2006
crit, and chimney kiln".

I would like to see what you all think and then will
clarify any questions or tangents next monday. So
dish if you like and remember that I am interested in
anyone's thoughts on this work. Degrees are not
meaningful in this particular circumstance, just how
you feel about the work. The photography is also fair
game. My shoe size is not. So let's not even go
there. Although thoughts on how the work does or does
not correspond to the "persona" that you know from
clayart might be interesting.

To comment, just read the initial post and select
"post a comment". This will generate a dialog box
that will walk you straight through it. Any one who
just wants to read through and lurk on the comments is
welcome. This is the easiest way to contain the
comments to one thread on my blog and to make it a one
site event without use of flicker or any other thread
on clayart that others might not be interested in.
Any posts about the work to clayart, I might snip and
post to the crit comments just to keep it all in one
place. Please sign with your real name at the end of
your post.

And anyone who would like to try it is certainly
welcome. Just contact me directly.

So here is the site to start from.

Thank you all ahead, I know I am about to learn a lot.


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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